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Mid-measure parameter changes

The group attributes can optionally be preceded by mid-measure parameter changes. This is not used very often, but the most common use is to change the clef in the middle of a measure. There are only a few other parameters that can be changed inside a measure: alignrests, defoct, release, and vcombine. The change is enclosed in double angle brackets. After the opening angle bracket is the context to which the changes apply (score, staff, or voice), followed by one or more parameter changes.

1: c; e; <<score clef=bass>> 2g;

Picture of Mup output
If there is more than one parameter listed, they are separated by semicolons.
<< staff clef = tenor ; defoct = 4 >>

If you wish to change parameters in more than one context, multiple angle-bracketed items can be given:

2-3 2: 2c; <<score release=100>><<staff clef=alto>><<voice defoct=3>> c;

If you specify "staff" or "voice" context, the specific staff(s) or voice(s) to which the changes apply is based on which staff(s) or voice(s) are being described on the input line. So in the example above, the clef is changed to alto on staffs 2 and 3, and the defoct is changed to 3 for voice 2 on both of those staffs. The release change applies to the entire score.

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