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Printing slanted text

While Mup doesn't have a command for directly printing text at some particular angle, it does allow printing text above a line, and that line can be at an angle. The original intent was to use that for printing "glissando," but it can be used for other things too. So to print arbitrary text at an arbitrary angle, you can make the line so tiny it can hardly be seen. Because of roundoff, it is generally not possible to make it so small that you can't see it at all, but it can be small enough to look like just a stray ink dot. By adjusting the relative location of the endpoints of the tiny line, you can control the angle.

1: 2c =c; =q;
line (c.x, c.y - 14) to (c.x + 0.05, c.y -14.05) with "Slanted text";
line (q.x, q.y - 14) to (q.x + 0.04, q.y -14.02) with "Different angle";

Picture of Mup output

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