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Placing verses below the scores

Sometimes, particularly with songs that have a lot of verses, you may want to put some verses of lyrics as blocks of text below the music. Probably the easiest way to do this is using "print" or "paragraph" statements inside a "block."

print (_win.w + 30, _win.n - 15) "2.   "
print "\
Here is the first line
and the second line
and the third line.
print (_win.w + 90, _win.n - 15) "3.   "
print "\
Here is another verse's first line
and its second line
and its third line.

You may need to use a little trial-and-error to determine the coordinates to use on the print statements, but you only have to determine one coordinate per verse, and with a bit of practice it gets easier to find the right values. Since the "print" statement is being used, the font and size will be determined by the size parameter and font parameter, rather than by lyricssize and lyricsfont.

If you also want chord symbols with these verses, you can do that too. It is easiest if you use Courier font, as shown in the example below, since its constant-width characters make it easy to line things up. If you use a proportional-width font, you will have to determine how to place the chords by trial and error.

print (_win.w + 50, _win.n - 35) "3.   "
print "\f(CR)\
C            D7    G7
This is the first line
C       F
of the next verse
of the song.

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