Requested Feature List

Arkkra maintains a list of requested features. Most of them were requested by users, and the rest we added ourselves. In each new release of Mup, we implement more features from the list (and take them off the list when done). We don't guarantee that we will implement any particular feature.
208 support nested tuplets
216 MIDI could infer things from STUFF
226 limitation on grace backup with vscheme != 1 and voices have diff numbers of graces
266 allow adjustment of size of Ped *
280 cross-measure beaming
286 sometimes need way to have underscore go through rest
291 4-line staff, etc for Gregorian chant
297 an "auto-arranger" feature
298 a "harmony analyzer" feature
304 allow different time signatures on different staffs
308 include lyrics and chords in MIDI output
311 allow custom key signatures
326 tablature slur (we use slur as slide)
361 MIDI offset to synchronize better for instruments with slow attack
366 handle tabs in text strings
370 way to automatically show voice ranges
371 quadruple whole note symbol
372 way to do footnotes
377 support for SMDL
378 support for NIFF
383 rotate output in mupdisp when in landscape or 2-on-1
385 way to transpose without getting double sharps/flats
386 way to show alternate for different verses, like 4 or 2 eighths
390 bounding box of actual marks, not whole page
391 support Jazzfont
407 something like "with" list, but outside the staff
413 way to draw arrow, specifically in lyrics
421 output x,y at MIDI time for "follow the bouncing ball"
422 bracket on lyrics going into a chorus
423 auto adjust of scale to fit on specified number of pages
426 measure duration notes
427 counters
439 transpose DO/RE/MI in chords
442 way to query stem dir, parameters, etc
445 way to make some subset of [] items carry forward
448 better way to show guitar fingering
450 have octave of first group be inherited for remainder of measure
451 maybe way to override the normal stem extension to middle line (even with stemlen set)
452 fingering number to the left of notes
453 a newsong directive
456 German h for b natural
474 dvi version of uguide
476 don't count "all space" measures in measure count
479 mupdisp automatically rerun when file rewritten
482 filter to transpose Mup input to different keyed input
484 way to reorder staffs for printing
487 abc input mode or front end
490 better slashes through numbers
491 printed and actual time signatures
493 incipits
495 predefined page formats
497 size parameter for notes, to make all cue
498 line on figured bass
500 way to specify label justification
501 control of cue size
503 control of tuplet number position
504 manual control of ending points of tie/slur/phrase
507 parser as library to allow building other tools
509 color
510 French lute tablature
515 make pedal consistent across voices on staff, and allow pedal to apply to multiple staffs for MIDI
516 allow a "none" in addition to "all"
518 way to specify "all staffs except..."
519 other beamslope styles
521 allow tie designation in lyrics time
523 rehearsal at other than bar line
524 allow same note letter with sharp/flat/nat on drum/MIDI staff
525 drum map
526 beam thickness parameter
532 make grace frets full size
533 html version of quick reference
535 MIDI true handling of DS al Coda
536 -q option to prevent copyright message
537 automatic verse number at the beginning of each score
538 4 voices on a staff
539 way to put with list items next to note head when on stem side
541 lyric of underscore to mean continue current underscore
542 pilefactor for pile font size scaling
543 beaming back to normal
544 remember the [] for use on later groups
545 underlined text
547 tie/slur out of ending back to repeatstart
549 ossia, or allow visibility change without scorefeed
556 put tuplet number closer when beamed and not bracketed and beams are inside the staff
561 allow mixing newlines/pile/vertical motion in a string
567 way to make Mup generate the Ghostscript alignment
578 support something like \w for whitebox behind strings
579 describe fingering workaround in uguide
582 support ... on pedal for simile
584 tie/slur changes
585 command to print verses below the score
590 a way to specify "don't allow a newscore here"
594 way to not beam consecutive grace notes
595 Nachschlaege (allow grace notes at the end of a measure)
597 graces with split beams
599 way to escape slash after o for dim
605 use double underscore to force lyric underline to go farther
606 Unicode
612 more control of beaming
614 Chinese notation
617 string escapes to get filename
619 courtesy key signature at end of 1st ending when key changes
622 relative defoct setting
623 up to 12 tab strings and allow some to be invisible or wider
624 way to get cue notes on one staff and regular on another only entering once
627 ph and eph to specify phrases with lyrics
629 custom beaming overlaying just a portion of measure
633 more control of tuplet appearance
635 ability to do 2 notes on same pitch on same voice and other tablature enhancements
639 note symbol as denominator of time signature
648 centering of lyrics between specific verses
649 implied tie for appegiated chord
650 maxleger to force automatic octave marks
652 way to use different bar line types on different staffs (or at least make some staffs invisbar)
656 ability to use backticks and string concat on include file name
658 allow release to be negative
659 parameter to give warning if measure space was implicitly added
661 control of staff line width
665 string escape for date/time modified
666 way to add time/key sig, etc at arbitrary places
667 arithmetic in macros or wherever numbers can be used
668 ability to specify stem dirs on cross staff beams
671 feathered beams
672 more helpful processing of cascading errors like missing quote
673 compile time option to use A4 as default, etc
687 way to center "with list" items on a chord
688 gridsatbegin
692 allow mixed stem dir on non-cross staff beams
694 put staccato/legato "with" marks inside phrase curve ends
695 allow "release=N" on phrase to apply to all except last
696 slurrelease parameter to apply to slurred-from notes
699 make duplicate parameter names in macros work like most other preprocessors
703 something like a #line directive to correlate back to input line to some preprocessor
705 allow restcombine/multirest for a single measure
714 backticks working differently
716 allows stafflines of other than 1 and 5 (like 3)
717 something like a .muprc file to override some things
720 elseif construct
725 specify phrases via Bezier curves
728 alternation across staffs (if all notes on other staff, don't put stem to middle line)
729 if stafflines change at restart, don't force new score
730 range for staffsep, like scoresep
732 control of size of curve joining syllables
735 circle drawing command
736 note clusters
742 Mupmate color syntax highlighting
743 Mupmate ability to pass arguments to player/displayer
744 Mupmate user-supplied editor
745 Mupmate "goto bar" menu item
747 Mupmate menu/toolbar shortcuts for things like key
748 Automatically select alternate transposition if specified won't work
771 Document how space and uncolapseable space are handled in MIDI
777 make output more compatible with distiller
779 a 'find' function in uguide in Mupmate
780 param to set vertical offset of with
784 location tags on more things (block, stuff)
806 ability to change page number in the middle of input, not just begining
808 a chant mode
811 a 'back' button in the Mupmate help browser
816 allow mixed stem direction inside beam
820 better control of location of diacritical marks
825 vertical diamond note heads
826 way to make stem in horizontal logical center of note head rather than edge
842 number of times to repeat for MIDI
849 give user control of roll padding
874 investigate using something like cnprint for printing Chinese lyrics
889 parameter to specify phrase side default
896 allow repeatstart at beginning of restart without workaround
899 way to force note side of stem
900 way to specify how many secondary beams to break for a subbeam
929 Mupmate toolbar for save/copy/cut/undo/writePS/display/writeMIDI/play/help
931 way to force all measures the same width
936 way to center multiple verses on another set of verses
944 double measure repeat sign
947 MusicXML
948 way to use something as both number and string, maybe something like num2str or backticks outside macros
967 allow accidentals on tied notes
968 support multiple places on a single line for STUFFs like for lyrics
980 useacc=y nonnat should maybe ignore effective key signature when transposed
991 allow control of font/size for tab numbers
1000 allow keymap patterns to include characters from beyond ASCII set, like accented characters
1004 allow points in addition to inches/cm
1019 multiline comments
1027 way to set scale without affecting headers/footers (not using staffscale)
1034 support stems on tab
1038 voicescale parameter
1044 variables that could be incremented
1045 way to choose different input based on whether page is odd or even
1057 draw phrase into subsequent endings
1062 tablature intervals of other than a half step
1063 grace groups in voices not handled together can overlap
1064 way to specify rules to determine when to adjust stem direction based on the direction of nearby chords
1066 a "block keep with next" to keep a block on the same page as the music that follows
1068 add info to uguide about parameters in a context taking effect together
1076 way to access command line arguments from within Mup input
1077 string comparison
1087 timecount parameter to make count unit differ from time signature denominator
1088 allow user to force not moving things to pseudo-bar
1089 silently skip things that reference invisible _staff tags
1091 vscheme option like nooverlap but not combining when a step apart