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While it is possible to place musical symbols such as fermatas and coda signs using text statements, it is perhaps a bit confusing, since music symbols are really not part of any particular font. So there is a "mussym" statement that can be used. The text strings after the colon must each consist of a single musical symbol whose name can be given without the usual \() wrapper. The following two lines produce identical results, but the second is perhaps a bit clearer:

rom above 1: 1 "\(ferm)";
mussym above 1: 1 "ferm";

A duration is not allowed on mussym statements except in one special case--if the symbol is "tr" (trill). In that case, the duration tells Mup how long a wavy line to draw from the end of the "tr" symbol.

1: 2e;g;
mussym above 1: 1 "tr" til 2; 3 "ferm";

Picture of Mup output

A size can optionally be specified, inside parentheses:

mussym (15) above 2: "turn";

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