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Piano pedal marks

Piano pedal marks are somewhat different than other similar Mup statements. Rather than having begintime, text, and duration, each item is just a time offset value, plus an optional "*". If no pedal mark is currently in progress, the first time offset value indicates where the pedal is depressed. Any subsequent pedal items on that staff will then indicate a "blip"--lifting and then immediately depressing the pedal (which is indicated on the printed music by a "^"), unless there is a "*", in which case it means to lift the pedal and leave it up.

Some examples may help:

1: c;d;e;2.g;
2: 1.ceg;
// depress pedal on beat 1, release on 3
pedal 2: 1; 3*;

1: g;d;e;f;g;;
2: 1.gdb-;
// depress pedal on 2, release and depress
// on 4, release on 6
pedal below 2: 2; 4; 6*;

Picture of Mup output

See also the "pedstyle" parameter.

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