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Special uses of invisbar

The "invisbar" can be used to force Mup into doing something in the middle of a bar that it normally would allow to happen only at a bar line. Suppose, for example, you wish to place a rehearsal letter in the middle of a measure. This could be accomplished as follows:

// assume we are in 4/4 time, but want
// a rehearsal letter by count 3
// of the measure

// do first part of measure and use "space"
// for last part so time values will add up
// properly to a full measure
1: 4c;d;2s;

// put in invisible bar with rehearsal letter
invisbar rehearsal let

// now do the last half of the measure,
// this time with space at the beginning
1: 2s;4e;c;

Picture of Mup output

As another example of invisbar use, suppose you want to add a "courtesy" key signature at the end of a repeated section to remind the player that the beginning of the repeated section is in a different key. This can be done by adding an empty measure whose sole purpose is to produce this key signature.

score key=3&
1: g;f;e;d;
1: c;e;f;g;
score key=0&
1: g;f;e;d;
bar ending "1."
1: f;e;2c;
// add a courtesy key signature,
// to remind player the beginning
// of the repeated section is in
// a different key
score key=3&
1: ms;
repeatend ending "2."
1: e;d;2c;

Picture of Mup output

You can use a similar technique to insert time signatures, clefs, etc. at unusual places.

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